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My name is Charles Jeffrey Danoff, and I am an English teacher at Anqing Foreign Language School in Anqing , Anhui , China.

About this Site

This site is a place where I can share the teaching resources I make with other ESOL instructors, help students studying the English language and give information about myself for employers.

What is on the site now?

Contact Information


Mr. Danoff
Anqing Foreign Language School
22 Guan Yue Miao Street
Anqing, Anhui Province, China

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In addition to this website I also maintain an ELT linklog on delicious which lists helpful ELT websites I find as I crawl the web.

I also believe in contributing to the online teaching community. At the moment I am helping


If you are interested in learning more about my professional backround, please read my resume and view my profile on LinkedIn.

Last Updated on 8 December 2009
Originally published on 6 October 2009