Mr. Danoff's Teaching Laboratory

Where Mr. Danoff shares the results of his experiments with how best to teach and learn the English language.

Latest Experiment

My Semester with the
FUN WITH ENGLISH (FWE) 7A & 8A Textbooks

For the Fall 2009 - Winter 2010 semester I was assigned to build a curriculum around the FWE textbooks. I began by having my students do every question of each chapter. Over time, I moved more towards using the chapter topics to engender discussion, while not forgetting the book.

Older Experiments

Mr. Danoff's Public Domain Resources for English as Second or Other Language (ESOL) Teachers

Activities, speeches, ideas and more for all ESOL instructors, all of which are entered into the public domain.

Annotated Links for ESOL Teachers

Sites I have found helpful for ideas, lesson materials, and inspiration.

Annotated Links for English Language Students.

Sites I hope can be of use for students studying the English Language.

About Me

My name is Charles Jeffrey Danoff, and I am an English teacher at Anqing Foreign Language School in Anqing, China.

Currently I am also working towards my EFL/ESL Teaching Certificate offered by Indiana University's EFL/ESL Program via Distance Education. This semester I am taking L530: Teaching English in Global Contexts.

Last year I taught as an Assistant Language Teacher for the Hamatonbetsu Board of Education, as part of the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme.

For more details, please peruse my resume.

Tycho Brahes in his Laboratory

Contact Information



I update an TESOL linklog on delicious which lists helpful TESOL websites I find as I crawl the web.

I believe in contributing and learning from the online teaching community. Currently, I am involved with:

Image is Tycho Brahes stora murkvadrant, Nordisk Familjebok.jpg kindly shared by the Wikimedia Commons.

Last Updated on 10 February 2010
Originally Published on 6 October 2009