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About Me

My name is Charles Jeffrey Danoff, and I am an English teacher with two years experience.

About this Website

This website is where I organize and publicize my different teaching projects and jobs. You can see what I am currently doing and have done previously below.


Reviewing My Semester with the
FUN WITH ENGLISH (FWE) 7A & 8A Textbooks

Since February 2010 I have been publishing lesson plans I used in class while teaching from the FWE textbooks in China onto Le Dive (my archives). Then I re-publish them to Wikiversity. I want to review what I did last year to improve, and I hope others can use and improve my lessons. If you're interested, please learn more here and help out, the to-do list is here.

Collaborative Lesson Planning
a P2PU Course

I am teaching a course about Collaborative Lesson Planning (related to what I am doing above and the speech below) on p2pu, a site devoted to free online courses. The course is designed to teach teachers how to publish, share and improve their lesson plans collectively.

Writing Tutor for Hannah

In the fall of 2009 I started helping Hannah and other students with their writing outside of our regular speaking classes. Since June of 2010 this work has continued online. You can find all her writings in her writing portfolio.


Oral & Aural English Teacher at
Anqing Foreign Language School

From August 2009 until June 2010 I taught speaking and listening English to junior high school students in mid-Southern China as an employee of East Meets West China.

Assistant Language Teacher for the
Hamatobetsu Board of Education

As a member of the JET Programme I assisted kindergarten, elementary and middle school Japanese Teachers of English in Northern Japan from July of 2009 to July 2010.

TEFL Certificate Student

In January 2010 I started working towards a EFL/ESL Teaching Certificate taking certification courses from Indiana University's EFL/ESL Program via Distance Education. So far I have finished L530: Teaching English in Global Contexts, L539: and L530: . I am planning on finishing by taking L540 in the spring.

Started and did not finish the following:


I update an TESOL linklog on delicious which lists helpful TESOL websites I find as I crawl the web.

I believe in contributing and learning from the online teaching community. Currently, I am involved with:

Previously, I was involved with or read:

Tycho Brahes in his Laboratory

Image is Tycho Brahes stora murkvadrant, Nordisk Familjebok.jpg kindly shared by the Wikimedia Commons.

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