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Learning Resource Info Medium Copyright Download/View
Talk a Lot Spoken English Course -
Elementary Book 1

by Matt Purland
This edition published in the
UK by English Banana Trust 2011.


Copyright © 2008 by Matt Purland.

Rights given a
English Banana.com Free Copying Licence.

(169 Pages; 1.8 MB)


Mr. Danoff's Resources for
English Language Students

br Mr. D

Copyright © 2009 by Charles Jeffrey Danoff.

Rights unspecified.
Cf. Page 4 of U.S. Copyright Office's
Circular 3: Copyright Notice.

(756 KB)

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ENG 099 Conversational American English Textbook Textbook Copyright (C) 2011 Charles Jeffrey Danoff. Public Domain. PDF (27 Pages; 1.78 MB)

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Korean Cultural Center of Chicago (KCCoC) Teaching Adult ESL Classes
Jay Cederholm, ELT Built Mr. Cederholm's Teaching Homepage
Jake Dury, Elementary School Educator Consulted with Mr. Dury on his Teaching Homepage
The Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU) Orgainze Courses and Study Groups; Develop Challenges
Wikiversity Develop ELT resources & Wikignome


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