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Charles Jeffrey Danoff's Electronic CELTA 5

From November 29th till December 24th of 2010 I studied for a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) at Teaching House New York, located at 101 Murray Street in Tribeca. To earn my certificate I had to attend all 19 days of the course, teach 9 times and write 4 assignments.

I infrequently kept a log of the days, if a day below has a link it is to its log entry. My lesson plans for each Teaching Practice opportunity are linked to by number, and the assignments are the same.

The copyright varies by document. You are free to read and cite all of them. Please pay attention, however, if you wish to re-use, re-mix or re-publish a document, some you can, some you cannot. Its possibly I made some mistakes, if you notice an error in my copyright statements, please let me know.

I am actively seeking feedback about this, please e-mail me at Alternatively, leave a comment on the talk page for my CELTA log on Wikiversity. You can do so anonymously if you'd please. Keep in mind, everything written on Wikiversity is CCASA licensed.

I have included PDF versions here. If you wish to edit them, simply highlight the text, then copy and paste it into whatever document you are making.

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