About this MOOC

This is the first offering of a MOOC for English as a Foreign or Second Language students named ENG 099 Conversational American English from Mr. Danoff’s Teaching Laboratory.

I first wrote about starting this MOOC in late 2011 after having the pleasure of seeing Mr. Jim Groom’s lecture on DS106, what struck me was how he emphasized DS106 was more of an “Open Educational Experience” rather than a “Massive Open Online Course.” I’m calling this a MOOC, but I want the focus to be towards generating an “Open Educational Experience” where everyone is participating creating wonderful content that other students and teachers can, to quote David Wiley (8 Aug. 2007):

The four main types of activity enabled by open content can be summarized as ‘the four Rs’:

Reuse – Use the work verbatim, just exactly as you found it
Revise – Alter or transform the work so that it better meets your needs
Remix – Combine the (verbatim or altered) work with other works to better meet your needs
Redistribute – Share the verbatim work, the reworked work, or the remixed work with others

In this, “The Year of The MOOC” this particular one is likely classified as a cMOOC, focused on participants making connections amongst themselves and the internet/world. In other words

“Connectivist MOOCs are more social and focused on deriving meaning of the learning experience with others, Virginia Commonwealth’s Becker said. And they allow students to participate through blogs, RSS feeds and other decentralized methods, said Downes, a senior researcher for Canada’s National Research Council.” – Tanya Roscorla/The Center for Digital Education (18 July 2012)

– Charlie Danoff (10 Dec 2012) Chicago

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