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ENG 099 Conversational American English (Dec. 2012) Atom 3:

Language Talk 1 of 10


  • Please study these vocabulary words before doing the reading and video watching below.

  • bud, n. IPA: /bʌd/ a small bump on a plant stem; a future leaf or flower.Atom 3: Language Talk 1 Figure 1 - Bud Vocabulary Picture Example
  • signn. IPA: /saɪn/ that by which anything is made known or represented; that which shows evidence; a mark; a token; an indication; a proof.Atom 3: Language Talk 1 Figure 2 -  Signs Vocabulary Picture Example
    • The pictures of animals are signs of the creature names above.
  • mental, adj. IPA: /mɛntəl/ to do with the mind; intellectual.
  • idea, n. IPA: /aɪˈdiə/ a picture in your mind; a future plan: an image formed in the mind of something you may not see in front of you; a notion.Atom 3: Language Talk 1 Figure 3 - Idea Vocabulary Picture Example

Language Talk Dialogue 1 of 10

  • These “Language Talks” are designed to give you a useful way to think about English. Read the dialogue below twice and write down your answers to the teacher’s questions.
  • Teacher— I will pronounce these three sounds very slowly and distinctly, thus: b-u-d. Notice, it is the power, or sound, of the letter, and not its name, that I give. What did you hear?
  • T.— I will bold these words, so that you can see them, three letters—b-u-d. Are these letters, taken separately, signs to you of anything?
  • T.— What then do these letters, taken separately, picture to your eye?
  • Student.— They picture the sounds that came to my ear.
  • T.— Letters then are the signs of what?
  • S.— Letters are the signs of sounds.
  • T.— I will pronounce the same three sounds more rapidly, uniting them more closely: bud. These sounds, so united, form a spoken word. Of what do you think when you hear the word bud?
  • S.— I think of a little round thing that grows to be a leafy branch or a flower.
  • T.— Did you see the thing when you were thinking of it?
  • S.— No.
  • T.— Then you must have had a picture of it in your mind. We call this mental picture an idea. What called up this idea?
  • S.— It was called up by the word bud, which I heard.
  • T.— A spoken word then is the sign of what? 


  • Please watch and take notes on the video below from 23:30 to 28:20 [4 minutes 50 seconds] to see “Language Talk 1” explained by Mr. Danoff.
  • If you can’t see the video below, click here to watch it on YouTube.

  • Now that you have watched the video, look back at your answers to the questions asked by the teacher in the dialogue. Think deeply about your answers again, and change them if you have a better idea.
  • After that, read the full version of this dialogue here under “Language Talk.” 


  • In the comments below write 2 to 4 sentences explaining the differences and similarities between your original answers and those in the linked full text. What were the differences? Or, were they the same?
  • Please leave your answer in the comments, or via FacebookP2PU and/or Wikiversity.

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