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ENG 099 Conversational American English Atom 6:

Informal Telephone English

This atom is an introduction to formal telephone English that you can use for work, business, talking to a teacher or other formal conversations.


Please study these vocabulary words before doing the reading and video watching below.

  • Going out – Go to a bar, club, concert or movie with friends
  • Stay in – Sit and rest at home, instead of going to a bar (opposite of going out)


Please watch and take notes on the video below from 4:04 to 16:19 [12 minutes 15 seconds] to see “Informal Telephone English” explained by Mr. Danoff. The dialogue text is published below the video.
  • If you can’t see the video below, click here to watch it on YouTube.

  • A: “Not much.”
  • B: “You going out on Friday?”
  • A: “Eh, probably. Why, what’s going on?”
  • B: “There’s a party at Tony’s apartment, should be fun, you should come.”
  • A: “Time?”
  • B: “Starts around 9, I think.”
  • A: “Maybe, we’ll see. I’ve had a long week at work I might just stay in on Friday.”
  • B: “What are you, 100 years old? You will have plenty of time to rest on Saturday. So I’ll see you Friday night?”
  • A: “Yeah, OK, I will see you at Tony’s.”


  • On your blog, in the comments below, or via FacebookP2PU and/or Wikiversity answer the following questions:
    • When would you use informal telephone English?
    • What do you prefer, going out or staying in?

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