The topic of tonight’s ENG 099 Conversational American English…

The topic of tonight’s ENG 099 Conversational American English MOOC Lecture was “Reading American Comic Books (1 of 2)” (video above, or click here if you cannot see the video).

Lilia was kind enough to attend! You can see the questions and character list of the comic below!

The Fantom of the Fair

Story 2



  • The Fantom of the Fair (Fantom is another spelling of “Phantom”)

  • Professor Carter

  • Sir Conway

  • Ticonda

  • Sergaent Collins

  • The Driver

  • Narrator


  • Fair

Comprehension Questions:

  • Page 1: Where is Ticonda from?

    • The Arctic Region

  • Page 2: Why was Professor Carter worried?

    • He knows that Ticonda can be very dangerous for other people!

  • Page 3: Why did it get so cold?

    • Ticonda broke the control panel.

  • Page 4: What did the Fantom do?

    • He came in through the ceiling and broke the door, so the people could escape.

  • Page 5: Does Ticonda know the Fantom? How do you know?

    • Ticonda knew Fantom from years ago and they had a struggle.

  • Page 6: What happens to the Driver?

    • Ticonda threw the driver out of his car, but The Fantom saved him!

  • Page 7: What do the police want to do?

    • Police want to catch Ticonda. They have the guns because Ticonda is dangerous for them!

  • Page 8: What happened to Ticonda?

    • He died, The Fantom strangled him!

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