Lesson Plan for KCCoC
English Corner, or EC, No. 4

Version 0.12

by Charles Jeffrey Danoff
Mr. Danoff's Teaching Laboratory
60093, Chicagoland, USA

Time 90 min.

Talk about what we will do in class.

Talk about today's class goals.

Review Interviews Go over questions from lesson 3 and give student(s) the link to last week's video if they interested in further study.

Friendly Telephone English For a check-in call to a friend nearby, i.e. "Wacha doin'?"

Formal Telephone English Ask student(s) what else they want to know about formal phone conversations?

Extra Time Same as lesson 2.

Extra Time


Review what was supposed to happen.

Establish what happened.

Determine what was right or wrong with what happened.

Determine how the task should be done differently the next time.


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  3. US Army Website: http://www.army.mil/features/FM7/FM 7-0.pdf (p. 98) # (back to text)


Acknowledgements I would like to thank Jeffrey Edwin Danoff Jr. for his help preparing this lesson plan.

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