Lesson Plan for KCCC English Corner, or EC, No. 1

by Charles Jeffrey Danoff
Mr. Danoff's Teaching Laboratory
60093, Chicagoland, USA

Version 0.21

Time 90 min.

The [#] are notes.

Materials Greetings video and flaschards; Hannah's article; Kitty's article


  1. Learners comprehend and articulate English greetings.
  2. Teacher and learners develop rapport and set an open attitude for English Corner.
  3. Cover session schedule and set goals.

Setting the stage Introduce myself to learners and them to eachoter, then share my educational background as an icebreaker.

ESL 101 Greetings Video [1] and Slideshow [2] Elicit what students know about American greetings, show video on friendly greetings and then go over slowly with the slideshow.

Two Truths and a Lie [3] Start with "The food I hate is"; "My hero is" and "I am afraid of".

Conversation What do they want to learn?

Articles and Discussion On articles by Hannah [4] and Kitty [5].

Session Schedule and Goals Cover the upcoming sessions and then make preliminary learning goals for each.

Break After 55 min. for 10 min.

Office Hours For the last 25 min.

AAR [6]

Review what was supposed to happen.

Establish what happened.

Determine what was right or wrong with what happened.

Determine how the task should be done differently the next time.


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