Resources for English Language Teachers

Mr. Danoff's Teaching Homepage


The Internet TESL Journal - The most useful ESL journal I have seen online. The website also has thousands of resources for teachers and students.

Dave's Job Board - David Deubelbeiss's EFL job board site is the best I have found for English teachers online. It combines the RSS feeds from about ten different job listing sites into one easy to use page. When you go to the website click on the tab for "Job Board".

ELT Linklog - ELT websites found, described and organized by me as I surf the web for information about teaching English. Linklog is another way to say a blog with only links.

ALT's in Japan

JHS Englipedia Project - Partick Bickford's amazing website created by ALT's for ALT's. Resources are organized by age level and textbook, allowing users to find exactly what worksheets they can use for the specific page their class is on in their book. This site saved me countless hours of work as an ALT in Japan.

Genki English - Richard Grahm's fabulous website for ALT's working with kindergarteners up to grade 4 elementary schoolers. While you have to pay for the CD's the site is also a goldmine for free materials to use with young kids, especially the "How are you?" song, which can be downloaded for free. Richard himself cautions these materials do not work nearly as well with students above grade 4.

The Teaching Homepage of Charles Jeffrey Danoff - My first teaching homepage I created as an ALT. It has links to my first two attempts at teaching archvies, which contain poorly organized lesson plans and other files that could be useful to other ALT's using the ONE WORLD or EIGO NOTO textbooks.

Teachers in China using the FUN WITH ENGLISH Listening Textbook

Semester Plan for Books 7A & 8A - My and my colleague's semester plan for this fall. It makes reference to resources which were given to us by our employers.


Last Updated 7 October 2009
Created 6 October 2009