A great party for all the Asian friends

by, Hannah
an Anqing Junior High School Student
Submitted: 21 November 2010

Now, our country is having a great party for all the Asian friends---Guangzhou 2010 Asia Olympics Game. It is a top sports event for all the Asian athletes and a good chance to show our friendly attitude to our neighbors.

Everyday, we can watch some wonderful games on TV. It feels really excited especially we know the holding country is us. It even makes me feel come back to 2008, the time of holding Beijing Olympics game.

Guangzhou Olympics Game began on November 12th. Today is the ninth day of it. I am really surprised at our country's strong power. So far, we have got 142 gold medals. Don't you think it is really perfect? Certainly, it is not enough for our purpose.

For all the Chinese, Guangzhou Asian Olympics more importantly give us a chance to express and develop our long history and culture. It makes all the Asians get to learn more about our country. It also shows our same opinions of peace and cooperation.

Overall, I am really happy of our country to have such a great party. It also makes me feel proud to see China gets stronger and stronger, newer and newer.

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