Is the examination good or bad

by, Hannah
an Anqing Junior High School Student
September 2010

As a Chinese junior high school student, exam is a familiar word for us.

Every week, we have to face up to different subject's exams.

Today, different people have different opinions on exams. Someone thinks that exam is really boring and it is adverse to open student's eyes. They call today's education " Exam-oriented education", but not "Quality education". Because of exams, students will have more pressure and they can't improve their cogitation. They only can remember a number of standard answers in order to get good grades in exams.

But there are some different opinions. Someone also thinks that exams are good. Because they are opportune to ask students to know more knowledge and it is a good chance to check students' learning. After exams, it will be clearer and easier for students to realize and correct in which part they are weak in or good at.

As for my opinion, I think I am neutral. I don't think exams should be canceled because it is really important and necessary for students to have exams. But we can change a way of exams. We can have more outdoor exams such as sports exams, singing exams or painting exams. They are good for practicing student's abilities.

Overall, if we study hard and have strong practical ability. We will be able to beat all kinds of exams.

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