Shanghai 2010 World Expo

by, Hannah
an Anqing Junior High School Student
Submitted: 24 October 2010

As we all know, the 2010 world EXPO was held in Shanghai from May to October. EXPO has a long history but it has never been held in China before. So, all the Chinese believe it is a great honor for us to have such a wonderful exhibition and it will be helpful for China to develop quickly.

During National's Day, my parents took me to Shanghai to visit EXPO. I was really excited during the amazing trip. I was also surprised when I saw so many fantastic countries' pavilions.

Before I came to Shanghai, my friends told me two different opinions for EXPO. The one is pretty good; the other is kind of disappointed.

In fact, I discovered these two situations are both right in EXPO.

It was pretty good because all the pavilions are really perfect, and besides beautiful appearance, they all have fantastic contents which shows different countries own cultures, history and national spirits.

It was kind of disappointed because some visitors showed low qualities. It was really wet blanket when I saw some people didn't respect the environment. Expectorate everywhere, throw the trash everywhere or jump the queue. They made our EXPO lost some gloss.

Overall, I think Shanghai EXPO is nice and I am really proud to see our motherland can have this grand meeting.

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