What are the differences between starting school
as a grade 7 student and as a grade 8 student?

by, Hannah
an Anqing Junior High School Student
September 2010

Few days ago,I became a grade 8 student formally. It is wonderful and a challenge for us. All of us realized it is kind of different from last year,when we were grade 7 students.

Now,we have to study harder because our tasks are more and more. We have new but important subject physics at this term. It will take us more time on it. However,we all have enough confidence. I think It doesn't make us feel so tired and I don't feel that I have no time to relax or I am very very busy.

Perhaps grade 7 students can take part in more school activities but we have less. But it is OK. Compare with last year,I think that we have more abilities to deal with more things by ourselves and most of us have stronger responsibility. We learn to be cool down when we meet any troubles and we are steadier. I think it is our best gain.

The most important difference between grade 7 and grade 8 students is we are taller and older now. But all of grade 7 and grade 8 students are always happy,I think.

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