What is the difference between good and bad movies.

by, Hannah
an Anqing Junior High School Student
September 2010

In fact,I wasn't interested in movies when I was younger. But,one year ago, I began to be fond of it because of a wonderful movie called TWILIGHT.

It is my favorite movie so far. The characters are really perfect. Some computer graphics are also exciting. I don't know why, I wasn't a fan of movie before. But I feel this movie has a power which can make me fascinated. I can't wait to know what happen next.

In my opinion, It's an important sign between good and bad movies. Good movies are always able to make the watchers feel fantastic. They always have some surprise which is unexpected. And. It is often not easy for the watchers to guess the result. But I don't think that computer graphics are very very necessary if the director want to screen a good movie. I mean not all the big movies are good movies.

I watched AVATAR at last year, too. To tell you the truth, it was worse than I thought. It only has amazing computer graphics. But, the main content is kind of empty and boring.

I don't know if you agree with me. But these above are all my true thoughts.Overall,I think all the movies are OK. Just some are better.

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