My three goals of writing English

by, Hannah
an Anqing Junior High School Student

After my six-month-long writing English regularly.I begin to think about some important questions:What are my goals of writing English? In which part I should improve?

The first answer is I want to use the easiest way to say a sentence and my ideas.Sometimes,reading some complex sentences make me irritability.So,I don't hope this satiation will be happen in my articles.

The second one is I want to describe my thoughts clearly.I sometimes feel I want to say something to my readers,but I can't express my thoughts well.This problem may make my readers can't understand my mean well.So,I think working it out and having a progress would be necessary for me.I have to learn more vocabularies and practice having a better logic in order to make it.

The last one is I want to spread my ideas better.That means I hope my readers can get my points.Then,they can agree with me and accept my thoughts or suggestions.I will be glad to see the words in my articles can be helpful to others.But I still need to be more hard-working.

I know it won't be easy for me to do these well in a short time.But I have confidence to make it come true in the future.

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