Kara's Princess Story

by Kara

a Junior High School Student from Seoul

      The princess's name is 'cindy'. She have a mom and dad and also the pretty sister. She live in the palace with family at the 1999.

* * *

      She is talking to her sister. They are talking on the ground at the morning. And they talking about the princess's dress. Because tomorrow princess dance with the prince at the palace, and the princess need the dress.

* * *

      She is talking to prince at the monday night in the palace. They are talking about the princess's dress color and the dance moves.
      "Hello!" said the princess.
      "Hello” said the prince.
      "Do you like the dress color?" said the princess.
      "Yes! I like the dress color!"said the prince.
      "Thank you very much" said the princess.
      "It's ok." said the prince.
      "That flower is very beautiful." said the princess.
      "Yes. It's very beautiful." said the prince.
      "And the flower's smell is very lovely. Also the flower's color is pink. It's so beautiful." said the Princess.
      "Yes!!!!. It's very beautiful. I think so the flower color is beautiful,too.". said the prince.

* * *

      On tuesday night the Princess dances with the prince. But the princess's dress is broken. Princess very very sad, and cries.
      Prince said to the princess,"Don't cry".
      "Thank you very much" said the princess.
      The princess's mom buy the new dress. And the princess said,"Thank you." The princess go to the princess's room. And the princess change the dress. The princess go to the palace again, and the princess meet the prince.
      "That dress is very beautiful" said the prince.
      "Oh! Thank you very,very much" said the princess.

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Finished on February 28th, 2012

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