What clothes are fashionable ?

by, Kitty
a Junior High School Student in Anqing

     Since I was a little girl , we always talked about what clothes are fashionable . As time goes by, the answer has changed a lot .

     Once I thought the clothes my mother wore were fashionable . So I wanted to grow up soon.

     But now I grow up . I have different ideas . I think that kind of clothes do not fit us . I like to wear clothes that look cute and very casual . I also like the clothes in British style . My friends say they look nice on me . I like to wear jeans , they are in style . Now parents always say that we should not concentrate more on clothes than our studies . But I don't think so . I'll feel more comfortable if I wear the clothes I like . That's good for study .

     Maybe when I'm older , my opinions will be much different from now .

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Submitted: October 18th, 2010
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