What do I do if I’m not busy?

by, Kitty
a Junior High School Student in Anqing

     I have lots of things to do . I’m busy with my study . So , if I’m not busy , that will be great . And I would do many interesting things . But what I do depends on the seasons .

     I love to play tennis . It’s fun . I usually play it in Spring and Autumn . But in summer , I would prefer swimming . You can imagine , it’s quite exciting to have fun in the water during the hot day .

     Winter is the coldest season in a year , it has stronge wind outside . So I would like to stay at home . Surfing the Internet is a good choice .

     You see , I really enjoy myself . When I do these things . But always I’m too busy . I don’t have enough time to relax myself .

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Submitted: February 1st, 2011
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