What is a bad way to study for a test ?

by, Kitty
a Junior High School Student in Anqing

      As a student, my life is filled with tests. For us , we are afraid to have a test , because if we don’t get a good gracle , parents and teachers will be mad at us . So it’s important for us to know how to study a test .

     First of all . We shouldn’t study late every night before a test . Some students may think it’s useful . But if we do like that , we may have no energy . We will feel tired and can’t study well . So you see , a good rest is important .

     Second , we shouldn’t only do lots of exercises . Well, it’s true that practice makes perfect . But if we only concentrate on how many exercises . we did, but pay no attention on how much knowledge we grasped . It’s narmful .

     All in all , we should know how to study for a test . Different people fit on different ways . I believe that the way that is the most suitable for you is the best .

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Submitted: March 29th, 2011
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