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Could you use an English tutor?

Save gas, time and "sanity" with tutoring done online, designed around your needs and flexible to fit your schedule.

Arrange lessons with Mr. Danoff, a CELTA certified English teacher with a BA in English & Economics from Colgate University and two years experience teaching English across Switzerland, Japan, China and the USA.

Services Include:
  • Homework Help
  • Essay Editing
  • College Applications
  • Resumes
  • Student Portfolio Development & Publication
Thirty minute online lessons are $12. Sign-up now e-mail contact@mr.danoff.org or pay below:
English Lessons with Mr. Danoff
Mr. Danoff's Recommended Reading to improve your persuasive prose and critical literacy:

Do you want help studying ESL or EFL? Do you want to practice your conversational English?

Mr. Danoff is a certified English teacher whose taught ESL and EFL classes to students from all over the world. Lessons are 1-on-1 online (Skype) and he only teaches the English you want to learn. The schedule is up to you!

30 minute on-line lessons are $12. Sign-up now e-mail contact@mr.danoff.org or pay below:

EFL/ESL Lessons with Mr. Danoff

Mr. Danoff's Study Tips

Practice your listening English skills for free by listening to Bob Marley's song High Tide or Low Tide and try to write down the words you hear. Hint: "lingers in my head". When you are done, look at the answers (read the lyrics) at lyrics007. Try again when you're done and see if you do better. If you like this activity, find new songs and practice.

You should also read Hannah's "Advice for Studying English". Hannah is a Junior-High School student in China and a former pupil of Mr. Danoff's.

Educational Consulting Services

Are you an educator looking to go online? Do you want help creating a professional website? Are there lesson plans, writings or other educational resources sitting on your harddrive that you want to share with the world?

I, Mr. Danoff, can help. This website is an example of my work in that field, but I am flexible and I can build something new for you depending on your own specifications. Fees depend on services rendered. If you are interested, send an e-mail to contact@mr.danoff.org with an idea of what you are looking to achieve and we can go from there.

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