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Educational Consulting

  • College App Resume Coaching for students applying to US colleges.
  • Digital Curriculum Vitae Development for professional teachers.


  • EFL/ESL 1-on-1 Skype English lessons with Mr. Danoff! Only study the English you want to learn!
  • English Persuasive essay composition and research specialist.

Mr. Danoffs Résumé/CV


Edited FUN WITH ENGLISH 7B & 8B: Unofficial Teacher's Handbook (OL ID: OL24606597M) published by Pedia Press in February 2010. You can download a copy in PDF or Kindle formats.

Contributed to Teaching English in Global Contexts (OL ID: OL24610948M) including an article on China's ELT Curriculum.

Mr. D's Ongoing Projects

Collaborative Lesson Planning (CLP)
CLP explores how can teachers work together to write and give better lessons. Currently I'm co-organizing a study group in cycle 6 The Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU) I'm Implementing CLP by sharing my lesson plans I used teaching English in China at Wikiversity. In May I exhibited my research at the Interactive Show at NYC Resistor in Brooklyn. Previously I co-organized two 6-week in cycles 4 and 5 of P2PU. In Gdansk, Poland I gave a speech at the Wikimana 2010 conference.

ESL 101 Conversational American English
Course under development on "common" spoken American English. In April I published the first video lesson on "Greetings". You can watch it on Facebook or download the MPEG and ogg formats.

How to Build an NBA Dynasty
Researching the best way to assemble a team to win multiple championships. Currently I am taking notes on Wikiversity and last fall I wrote a paper summarizing my work thus far as part of a P2PU course.

Paragogy is a theory of peer-based learning. I have co-written two papers on the topic with Joe Corneli, one from late 2010 is "Paragogy: Synnergizing individual and organizational learning".

What's new in the lab?

How to Collaboratively Plan Lessons

This is a one page "how to" document for teachers on collaboratively planning lessons. The water cycle at bottom is meant to represent the collaborative lesson planning cycle described in steps 4 - 7. The document was prepared for The Interactive Show in Brooklyn on May 7th.

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The Public Domain Paradox

This is a sixty second short exploring the public domain paradox: Why is it easy to make it hard for others to share, consume and/or change works you author, but difficult for it to be simple to do those things? Published online on April 26th, 2011. Note this video is not made by a law firm and is not legal advice.

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